Hi I'm Kyle CS @ UofE, interested in Computer & Network Security.

Installing Haskell

In this episode we will be installing Haskell, a lot of people struggle to install software to their machine and each operating system will be different, generally I advise the use of a package manger - not just to install Haskell, but to install all software. I will be making a post about Brew at some point which makes this process trivial. MacOS MacOS my operating system of choice, to install Haskell on a MacOS system, the best method is to use a package manager such as Brew.

Understanding Haskell Documentation

In this post I will be giving an insight in reading haskell documentation Product Example 1 2 product :: Num a => [a] -> a -- The product function computes the product of a finite list of numbers. Above is an extract from the Haskell documentation. Line 1 shows the Type Signature of the product function, this shows the types of the inputs and the outputs in a convenient way.